[Coco] Why DECB is important to OS-9 folk.

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Sun Sep 11 23:32:13 EDT 2005


Thanks for the good words.

I hope that you are not bored with this.

Yes, I am aware of the vapor ware problem.

At this point, informal talks with the customer's users of the present
system are what I am doing. There has been no intent by the customers to
prepare a Request for Proposal. Just watching and observing their use of the
present system and fielding some questions and talking with persons not in
the management chain about how some things might be done in the future.
Their management is not starting to talk to them about anything in the
future. It is necessary to have a period of using the new features of the
present system before thinking about the future. I am just trying to get
ahead of any requests that might be coming in the future. I myself am
thinking about improvements and discussing them with our team.

These very informal discussions may result in ideas that are so compelling
that they result in an immediate request for a feature. Some of my ideas may
fall in that category. Others may require changes that are so interlocked
that they cannot be done except in a new version that requires multiple
features. The customer may have to prepare for these new features.

Now our group is not of this form, a lot of the time only the very last step
is the only one announced. As the necessary research may not have been done
and there is an under estimate of the work needed, the project may fail
without any words as to why.

My ideas I hope for the most part are based on a good understanding of our
system and the capabilities of our team. The ideas must be appropriate for
our environment and do able by us.

To think that I am starting to write code is just wrong. This phase is

The next message that I plan to respond to will include a new idea that
requires two items that I have suggested in a previous post. That in turn is
a requirement of a higher level capability, one that has been ignored,
considered to not be possible and said that it never should be done.

The first two ideas have merit on their own and could be done first. But
there are requirements to be imposed on them by the higher level ideas. Best
to think through and understand the highest level idea before starting with
the low level ones. And the highest level capability may require other
features and changes to NitrOS-9 as its research is not complete.

So what you are reading is vaporware should I disappear before I have passed
on my ideas and they are under stood and how to do them. And a commitment
that they should be done.

Parts of the highest level idea may be doable only by a few of us. I am
basing part of it on my OS-9 model or Black Box of OS-9.
Reinforced by a long term memory of a characteristic of a Gimax system from
very long ago that ran OS-9. It is in line with other parts of OS-9 but if
the model is wrong it will require more changes to OS-9. Changes that will
bring that part of OS-9 in line with the rest.

I may be delayed in making that reply as I must do something about the
ticking time bomb that is in my laptop. I turned some performance counters
on a long time ago and cannot find where to turn them off. The laptop is
really starting to get slow. I have to do something before it stops
completely. I am not quite ready to switch to my new HTPC as my main
Internet system but may have to stop and do that before erasing the laptop's
HD and reloading the first Win XP image after Activation onto the laptop.

RJRTTY at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 9/11/05 2:18:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> SFischer1 at MindSpring.com writes:
>>  There seems to be a huge effort to stop any new project, any possible
>>  problems are immediately detailed and there is a constant posting of
>>  reasons to not go forward with anything. Resorting to personal attacks
>>  if the project cannot be stopped by any other means.
>>  >
>>  I hope that is not the case. I am beginning to believe it. When new
>>  projects are welcomed and positive comments with real help to make all
>>  projects succeed is the norm we will be a better group.
> Stephen,
>       Please do write your DECB preprocessor and coco3 color chart.
> Many on this list and in previous coco discussiions have an underlying
> synacism about projects for the coco because so many people talk about
> grandious schemes and dont follow through with actual  results.     I
> dont think anybody means to attack you personally but even if they do
> there is usually also
> some constructive criticism to be had in such a post.    Take what you can
> use from it and let the rest echo off into oblivian where it belongs.
> But whatever
> you do don't give up on the coco community.     We are way too small to
> lose anybody let alone a talented programmer.
> Roy

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