[Coco] Why DECB is important to OS-9 folk.

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger at pobox.com
Sat Sep 10 03:21:09 EDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 00:51 -0600, Willard Goosey wrote:

> I think the learning curve for OS-9 wouldn't be so high if the first
> thing everybody has to do wasn't to build a customized boot disk that
> actually matches your hardware.

Modern day, I could imagine a little web-form + CGI that looks like the
Linux kernel config. Check a few boxes, and it would give you a .DSK
image that boots NitrOS-9 on your hardware that you can 'Save As' to
hard drive, then test in MESS. Or load online right into Mocha.

Then transfer to real disk for use in your Coco, or have it mailed to
you on the media you require by the web site operator or someone else
willing to make you a disk (or CF card, or little hard drive).

But at what point do you learn what you're actually doing? Where's the
fun? The hard way has something going for it. But I do recall it as
being extremely painful making all those custom boot disks. But there
was definitely a sense of satisfaction there. Take your medicine!

Probably the analogous thing today is trying to make folks run Linux
>From Scratch instead of Debian. For the moment, I'm fine just installing
Debian :-)

-- John.

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