[Coco] [Color Computer] OS-9 word processors

Ward Griffiths wdg3rd at comcast.net
Thu Sep 8 14:52:31 EDT 2005

On 09/08/2005 02:07 am, Willard Goosey wrote:

> My only experience with Scripsit was the Color Scripsit II ROM pak.
> Dynastar is much better -- though it is a wordstar work-alike, if that
> means anything to you.

Most 8-bit products called Scripsit pretty much sucked rocks (my favorite Z-80 
word processor was Prosoft's "Allwrite" and I recently got a copy through 
ePay).  The best was Scripsit-16 for Xenix-68k (later ported to T2k MS-DOS 
and better keyboards, then the 1k and PC).  Source code for Unix Scripsit was 
bought (ports were briefly available for NCR, Unisys and AT&T (not 3B1) 
systems in the 88-91 period).  The guy who bought it is a bit of a dog in the 
manger when I ask permission (and a copy of the source) to port it to 
something modern.  Hell, he may have thrown away the source code since he 
never made a profit with it.

While what I most want to do is port Scripsit-16 to Linux, I think it will fit 
just fine in a Coco3.  It ran fine on a 256k Mod 16.
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