[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: OS-9 as Replacement for DECB.

James Diffendaffer jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 03:10:24 EDT 2005

>> something you could actually use.  Split a CoCo into a CPU and the
>> rest of the hardware with two chips and you could include a lot of
>> other stuff (I have some suggestions and VHDL to go with it if you are
>> interested).

> I have seen a Verilog Z80 core that will do up to  250 MHz in a 0.13 
> micron ASIC. In 
> FPG A that is considerably slower. Even at 35 MHz is still fast. 

Oops... my bad.  Prolly the same one.  But I've read companies are
working on faster replacements for the current FPG technology that
should bump up the speed.

> I have thought of that two chips, CPU and the rest.  Designwise is 
> nicer but what I 
> want to accomplish would man a larger PCB and I am try  ing to get 
> as small as 
> possible. One thin that I have thought of is increasing the Program 
> Counter to 24 
> bits.  

A big program counter isn't much good if you can't even load/store to
in from registers.  To do it right means new move instructions, larger
registers, longer jump/jump subroutine instructions and a long return
from subrouting would also need to be created.

> It maybe worth a looksee at what you  have!

I'm picking up my machine with all my stuff this week.  I'll let you
know what the stuff is first and if you want it I'll pass it on.

I really wanted to work on at least part of it myself to learn VHDL
but... my new job that was supposed to be part time so I'd have some
time... well... by day three *they* decided full time... and by day
five after I fixed some stuff they couldn't, they wanted to give me a
better job... and design their new network as a consulting job on the
side... and they want me on call for support... and this... and
that... and the other... and now my part time job is looking like two
jobs.  Man I'm glad my pay is hourly!!!

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