[Coco] Re: OS-9 as Replacement for DECB

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 4 18:19:44 EDT 2005

I am no expert on Nitros, I just started to use it about a month ago, and I 
never used anything but Basic before, but the Nirtros disk I recieved from 
Mark, booted right up fine in a "genaric Boot". I only had a 512K CoCo 3 
with a FD 502 (single ) drive and a CM-8 monitor, but It booted into Nitros 
09 with no problem. As an extreem Nubuie, I then played around with it using 
the Orginial OS manual, made windows and changed colors, made backups  etc. 
I have now downloaded the Nitros 9 PDF manual and attempting to muddle 
through it now.
Hope this helps a bit.

>OS-9 still takes quite a learning curve, whereas the simplistic DECB can be 
>manuevered through in an hour or so with a list of commands. Programming 
>takes more, but not just getting the system up and running -- all that 
>takes with DECB is a push of the power button. OS-9 has to be configured 
>for the system, which takes a couple hours in the manual the first time -- 
>and that only if you're somewhat familiar with command line type OSs! Rick 
>Ulland used to send out his "tune-up" disk with a somewhat automated boot 
>maker that worked 90% of the time. It was on a bootable floppy that had a 
>generic two single sided drive boot list and the tools needed to make a new 
>boot, not much more. "Tune-Up" was the best thing around until NitrOS-9 
>came along! I haven't messed with Nitors in a while... does it have a 
>generic bootable disk and a boot maker or set-up program?
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> > On 09/02/2005 03:22 pm, Kevin Diggs wrote:
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> > >  Given the existence of OS9 (with BASIC09, C, and PASCAL), I just 
> > > get why people stick with the ROM stuff? WARNING - ATTEMPT AT HUMOR -
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> > > sticks in loose dirt?
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