[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Why USB would be nice.

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Fri Sep 2 21:21:40 EDT 2005

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>  I think the whole community would be better off following Roy's
>  example.  I'm tired of being discouraged (and seeing others
>  discouraged) from working on good projects because someone else is
>  shouting about how he almost has it done.
>  John

Thanks John for the encouragement.    Let me say I would have
a product to offer now but I changed the design after the fest.
      Initially I tried to keep costs down by using common and what
I thought were cheaper discrete components.    But noise problems
were presistant and required substantial modifications of the first
board design.    I did get it to work but I discovered the ICS1523
programmable clock generator which could replace the entire
PLL section of the board. It costs less than all those components AND
reduced the size (and cost) of the PC board by half.    So I stopped
work on the first board and began brewing up a new one.   I still have about
5 of those first boards left.    I may complete them someday and pass
them out as party favors at a future fest.
        I did send one off to Torsten Dittel so he could experiment with
a Pal based machine and determine the necessary programming to
use it on such a machine.

        The new board is nearing completion so cheer up.   Soon
you will be able to retire that old CM-8 or magnavox monitor for


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