[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Why USB would be nice.

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 12:50:00 EDT 2005

>It's IDE and IDE was designed strictly for drives.  It's not a
>universal interface.  Are there CD ROM drivers for OS-9?

According to the website : with the software (super driver)
IDE Drives Supported CompactFlash, ATA hard drives and ATAPI devices such as 
ZIP drives, LS-120 drives, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs

>Superboard... I think it's expensive but it's not like anyone else is
>making new CoCos.  But then it's not out yet either and you had to pay
>in advance.

Acccording to Mark, its in the final stages and should be out soon, I did 
not read anywhere, and had no indications, that you had to "pay in advance". 
If you want one of the first avalible, the you can throw a deposit down.
>Microsoft should not be credited for creating unified drivers.
>USB was designed for such drivers.  Not everyone follows the standard
>exactly though so not all flash devices work properly... even under

I wasn't exctly crediting Microsoft, I was just stating that with all the 
thousands of devices, a Standard must be made.

I am not stating "don't Do it" all I am stating is that there is no real 
need for it, when we have EVERYTHING that USB has to offer already (athough 
sometimes slow and painful). My argument is that NO ONE can produce a 
vivable need for it other than (in some cases) cost, and "Our hardware is 
getting old". Also, it is going to be a WAY biggger endever than just make a 
USB "Plug".
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