[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Why USB would be nice.

James Diffendaffer jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 12:31:56 EDT 2005

> Rob, I see what you are saying,
> But you are asumming that people can't find parts. My point is that if 
> people look, the parts are out there! Between e-bay, cloud9 and
sites like 
> my online store, Parts, are not only avalible, they are fairly

"sites like my online store"

Why is it that almost everyone that knocks this project has something
to gain by it *not* working????
But maybe I'm just imagining that.

> priced. I got in april(for example) a CoCo 3, A DOUBLE disk drive
with a 
> F502 floppy drive controller on e-bay for $60. (auction#  5171545228
) .Now 

For hardware that may die a week after you buy it or might be DOA? 
Yeah, it's expensive!  And usually a single drive and controller goes
for that much.  You got a rare deal.

> this might seem high, but when yo take away the avrage price of a
CoCo 3 
> ($30) that leves you with $30 for both the floppy and the
controller. Cloud 
> 9 sells refurbished floppy drive (double sided) for $30 each, so If
I wer to 

And for the rest of the world referbished means CHEAPER.
A NEW USB drive is definately cheaper even with the Flash Card
interface built in!

And those old drives don't approach the storage of even a USB floppy
let alone a flash device.

> My point is the old parts are out there, and if you hunt you will
find them. 

Your point seems to be we should stick with old parts because people
still sell them.  

> no I also agree that an optical mouse would be nice for the CoCo,
> the "deluxe mouse" I use is big, heavy and sometimes not all that
> responsive. The only program that i use that can use the mouse is

Well, if some of us get some time from regular work (and it looks like
that might happen for me) we can have some modern development tools
and could develope new software along these lines.

> You are mistaken (A bit) in the IDE controller that Clould 9 sells,
It has 
> multi-purposes, not just for a hard drive. It also can be use for a
CD Rom/ 
> Burnner, and it has a compact flash card on it. Also there is (is
you hunt) 
> IDE internal Zip Drives, and probably a ton of other devices that
can be 
>hooked up. 

It's IDE and IDE was designed strictly for drives.  It's not a
universal interface.  Are there CD ROM drivers for OS-9?

Superboard... I think it's expensive but it's not like anyone else is
making new CoCos.  But then it's not out yet either and you had to pay
in advance.

Microsoft should not be credited for creating unified drivers.
USB was designed for such drivers.  Not everyone follows the standard
exactly though so not all flash devices work properly... even under

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