[Coco] CoCo3.com support

Roger Taylor roger at newfoal.com
Wed May 25 17:24:28 EDT 2005

Hello all,

CoCo3.com's hosting fees are due May 31st (~7 days), and I am falling way 
short on funds.  So, what I have done is lower the price of Portal-9 from 
$39 to $9.95 until then, as well as placing a donation button on the CoCo 
Cafe page.  Donations of any amount will be accepted, even $.01 :), but 
anything $10 or more gets you a free copy of Portal-9.  So, I am hoping to 
raise enough to pay my bill before they pull the plug.

I also want to take the time to thank every single person who visits 
CoCo3.com and to remind you that I am still planning some nice additions to 
the site, like a CoCo Blog and other goodies very soon.  And.. I love very 
much building upon the site and your suggestions are very welcome.

For interested parties, here is a disclosure of the link tracker I use to 
determine what people are doing more so I can better build upon the website 
and give everyone what they want.  The number on the left is the number of 
total clicks to the link listed to the right.  Simple enough, this hit 
counter speaks for itself and gives a clear visual answer to what the most 
popular items are.

And here is the link which you can visit anytime you like, 24/7:


You can see that well over 300 copies of Portal-9 3.x have been downloaded, 
yet there have only been maybe 10-15 customers total since version 1.0, 
which is why I am lowering the price to see if that helps.  Ofcourse, there 
have been thousands of downloads of Portal-9.

Again, thanks for your interest and support,

Cheers, and keep CoCoing!

Roger Taylor

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