[Coco] nitros-09 on a TV

John Guin johnguin at hotmail.com
Thu May 19 20:24:52 EDT 2005

Hello Frank,

You are hitting the exact same problem I had for about a year.  I gave up on
trying to read the screen since I did not know OS9 well enough to blindly
type in the commands to get out of that mode.

After a year or so of bidding and losing on RGB monitors on eBay, I finally
got my hands on a CM8.  Works well now, and I've figured out how to go to 40
column mode, which is much easier to read.

Beware of "just RGB" monitors, though.  I had a Commodore monitor which was
RGB, but was just as hard to read as the television.

I guess on the one hand "shipping" OS9 should cater to the power user with a
nice monitor, but on the other hand, the lowest common denominator for
screen resolution may need to be considered.

Either way, I'm able to see what I'm doing now.

Good luck,

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After a bit of fussing and a lot of effort by Mark of Cloud9
(if I haven't said so before thanks for your help Mark) I've
got my superide working with nitros-09 installed. The complication
had to do with my lack of a floppy drive. :-)

With one problem solved I ran into another. When I hook my coco up
to my tv and start nitros-09 I find that the text on the screen is
unreadable. I don't have any problems reading the text when booting
into basic. I did win an action a week ago that includes an rgb monitor.
Should I wait for the monitor or is there something that I can do now??


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