[Coco] replacing main rom

Nickolas Marentes nick at launch.net.au
Fri May 13 21:21:52 EDT 2005

A Gui interface doesn't need to be like MS Windows or a Mac.

For starters, I don't think that a front end "startup Gui" should even need
a mouse since the CoCo really isn't a mouse system by default. It would be
graphical in nature but the graphics would be made up of carefully designed
8x8 "tiles" that take up little space and can be pieced together to create
window boxes and frames etc.

I also don't think it need to be a environment like multiview. I would
envision a filemanager font end like Directory Opus on the Amiga.

This is why I say it can be done easily in 6K.

Windows Master was a program for creating other windows applications using
the Window Master features. As it was, it came with a filemanager
application written using the Windows Master commands.

This would be great to redo the ENTIRE RS-DOS and replace it with such an
environment and then aaplications can be written using this that feature
windows etc.

I guess this is what Multi-Vue was suppose to do for OS-9 but
then...Multi-vue sucked big time in it's original Tandy release and I
haven't been able to get the later fixed up revisions to work.

Seems like you need to be an OS-9 Guru to get the latest Multi-vue to work
properly which is contradictory considering it is meant to make OS-9 easier.

I did start a design some years ago for this filemanager front end. I'll see
if I can dig it up to see how far I got.


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