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Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 09:43:39 EDT 2005

I have to disagree with you A BIT on this one George,
I am not just saying this because I have over a hundred Carts ang games 
(legal software) on my online store. I only agree on very hard to find 
software. As a collector, I will spend my hard earned money on a piece of 
software for the box, instructions and other "printed" material that comes 
with it. I use NitrOS-9 (which I bought from Mark), but recently I paid 
$32.51 for a Still sealed copy of OS-9 level 2 (ebay #5189547447) because 
the pages were still srink wraped. I would have gladly paid over $100. I 
have been trying for months now to obtain a "nice" coppy of it, and have 
bought 3 now just to get 1 good one. I know I could grab it for free, but I 
would rather have nice factory disks in my collection. Tandy did have some 
nice packaging for a bunch of its products (multi-view, Desk mate, etc) and 
I would gladly pay for those Items. The copying of these products, just 
makes it easy for people to "play" with the software, but then why the point 
of having a CoCo? Why not use Mess and just download the ROMS? If you are 
going to take the time and the effort to collect and love the CoCo for what 
it is, why not take the time and effort to buy and use the real products!
As you point out, there is no one that will take the time to drag you to 
court, which is true, but that dosen't mean you should have an open ticket 
to just flood the market with the old software.
-Just my 2 cents

>  We are talking now of ONLY COCO SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE.  NOT about other
>  I personally think that if the owner of the software/hardware(if they 
>now) no longer sells, supports or even mentions it today, it's abandoned.
>  If I give away (non-profit)copies of this stuff then by all means, bring 
>the charges against me. I'm confident that there isn't a jury in this
>country that would convict me of any wrongdoing in giving away this thirty
>year old, TRS Color Computer software.
>  I also strongly believe,  there isn't a prosecutor in this country that
>would even touch this specific issue of the Color Computer.
>  I can afford to take off a few days a year to fight this personally, 
>some local, moron prosecutor decided  to pursue something like this.
>  Where there's no personal or business injury or property damage and no
>person or business suffers one tiny bit, we can safely say that there is no
>justification for recovery.
>   If someone would try to sue the Coco community for this, I would suggest
>each of us who have a copy of the suspect software will donate five 
>to the owner/author and he/she (claimant) would shut up.
>  It ain't worth it to go to court for a few dollars.
>  Think on that.
>  New software/hardware being sold for the Coco is a different issue. The
>author/company that is currently selling and supporting software and/or
>hardware for the Coco has every legal and moral right to beat someone up 
>reselling, copying and selling or giving away copies of the original
>software. I'll personally condemn people who do this.
>  If I were on a jury, I would feel the same way.
>  Do you want a copy of old, dead, non-supported, forgotten, no longer sold
>software for a coco? I'll give you one...... if I have it.
>  That's how strongly I feel on this subject...
>  George Ramsower
>  pHs. you can put my name in Google, Yahoo and a boat load of other search
>engines and find me on the top of darned near every one.
>" Balls to the wall and off we go!"
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Brought to you by the 6809, the 6803 and their cousins! 
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