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Actually the low cost cables shipped with many computer of that era 
used very small guage wire as the center conductor. What often 
happens is that with wire flexure that connection looses continuity. 

IN fact most have sufficient shield wire for video service and even 
into low VHF service. What genreally happens is with flexure the 
shield, genrally made of 44 guage stranded wire, starts breaking at 
the RCA connector. Then the cable looses ground integrity. Once 
that happens leakage into the coax becomes easier and termination 
impedance changes dramtically. Therefore the cable can develop 
large stand wave ratios and common mode radiation. 



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> Mannequin* wrote:
> > 
> >>Sorry to bother you guys with this, but I've been searching for an
> >>answer to this question for a few days. I don't know if other people
> >>have the same problem.
> > 
> > 
> >>I just dug my CoCo2 out of a box, to do some timing/behavior
> >>validation for the Daggorath PC port. The machine still works, and
> >>my original Daggorath cart still works (yay), but there's a LOT of
> >>noise in the video image on the TV I'm using. I'm connecting using
> >>an old RF adapter originally shipped with the Nintendo Entertainment
> >>System, and I seem to remember it working with this adapter before.
> Many of the alleged video cables that I have seen ending up with COCOs
> have turned out to be audio cables.
> Audio cables do not have enough shielding.
> I would recommend getting a RCA -mail to type F female and then using
> standard COAX cable and switches to the TV.
> -John
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