[Coco] A return to bit.listserv.coco?

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Mon Mar 21 15:57:34 EST 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Boisy G.Pitre wrote:

> Well, we certainly are finding a lot to disagree about today.

It may be this headache I have that's making me irritable. ;)

> I think this (or any CoCo list) is a perfectly acceptable venue to 
> announce "for sale" notices or "looking for" type messages.  Why limit 
> the traffic?

As long as it's CoCo related, and it adds to the discussion, I'm all for
it. But it sometimes strays from there.

Also, I don't view this forum as an economic exchange, I view it as a
discussion forum. Discussing how we can help someone in need out is great,
but every time someone has a spare doodad we don't all need to know about


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