RE: [Coco] RainbowArchive . The Rainbow Archive Project

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at
Wed Jun 15 14:39:45 EDT 2005


I appreciate your efforts, but I am afraid that I going to have to ask you
to please stop what you are doing.

I am currently updating a spreadsheet of the inventory of Rainbow issues and
prefer to keep things the way they are for right now - it's easier for me to
update local files and upload changes to my web server than be tied to a
online only system.  

I already receiving files via FTP, and I have set limited "store only"
access so that there will not be any issues with people leeching off my FTP
server - this is to honor the copyright of the Rainbow resources.  Lonnie
has not granted permission for us to pool files as a community and has
requested that whomever has access to the resources for the project be
subject to an agreement that states that they would not distribute whatever
they have in their possession be it Rainbow on Tape files or scanned images
of the magazine.  

Michael Harwood

> I've made a list of all of the possible issues of Rainbow in the database
> which I hope we can update as to who has what. But we don't have to use it
> email, we can just use the web features which Malted doesn't offer. I'm
easy either 
> way, but I can barely keep up with traffic here and on the Model 100 list
and non  
> Rainbow messages here tend to be lost.

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