[Coco] Rainbow on Disc - Omnipage vs ABBYY

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
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Do you mean as a sub-project of "Rainbow on Disc" or your own project??  If
you mean your own project bear in mind that any work that is done OCR'ing
the Rainbow is subject to copyright restrictions and may not be distributed
without an express agreement from Lonnie Falk.

Michael Harwood 

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I have both on my computer. OmniPage does work but it has many annoying
problems. ABBYY simply is quicker and easier to use and has features that
OmniPage lacks, such as BASIC language OCR functionality and good dot matrix
reading. It also isn't as cranky about resolution and font sizes.

You can use ABBYY as a PDF scanner/convertor which does OCR in the
background while scanning. It's hardly any slower than creating PDFs alone,
so IME it's the best way to make PDFs. There's little cost in the added OCR

I've been doing OCR for over 15 years so I do have a little experience.

I don't think I want to lead this for the moment but I'll keep it in mind.
Perhaps I should start a new Yahoo list for the project.


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> I understand that you can get it on ebay for an excellent price - that's
> really my point.  I would guess that you could find a good deal on
> Scansoft's Omnipage 14 if you looked for it.  I am waiting for a person to
> step up and take the lead on this project - I want to hear what they want
> do.
> Are you volunteering to lead this?
> Regards,
> Michael Harwood

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