[Coco] Yet another use for a coco...

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 13 00:41:39 EDT 2005

Aaron Banerjee wrote:
>    I seem to have misplaced my Coco I technical spec manual.  Does anyone
> know how much current the cassette relay can handle?  Is it different for
> grey models, coco 2's and coco3's?  I'm wanting to use the cassette relay
> to control a heating element for a fermentation vessel (I'm making wine
> and beer).
>    Thanks in advance.  Oh, one more thing, how long is it "safe" to keep a
> coco continuously running without having it crash or freeze up?

At the first PennFest, Mike Guzzy (????) Guzman (???) had his setup that 
he use to control the environment for raising and breeding his reptiles.

See if you can find him and see if he will share some of his 
experiences.  If you can not find him, see if you can contact Ron Bull 
at  BULLCO at paonline.com. He might have a lead from old notes.

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