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Rob Rosenbrock zaphod at mchsi.com
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Quite sensible, given the large number of hurdles ahead. Establishing
standards is still a primary task.

Do we have a catalog of Rainbow magazine issues? How many total pages are we
talking about? Between all of the members on the list, do we have the entire
run available to scan?

I think I had all of the issues, but I can only locate reprints of August 81
through April 82 and June 82. If I still have the rest, they're buried
pretty deep in the attic. (Strangely enough, I've saved a complete set of
brochures covering the Coco3, Tandy 1000 line, printers, and misc other

My scanner is a Microtek E3 scanner (USB). It doesn't have an ADF, so it'd
be slow work for large issues. I'm currently cleaning the glass to get a
good scan out of it.

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This is Lonnie's reply:

> Michael:
> I'll be happy to think about it, but let's get the magazine project under
> way first, OK? For one thing, starting that up would reveal whatever
> pitfalls may be lurking out there. I'm not opposed to it, but I think we
> should go at it one day at a time, as they say.
> Regards
> Lonnie

Michael Harwood

>> Michael,
>> Not to distract you from the Rainbow Mgazines, but could you ask about
>> the books that Falsoft used to sell, i.e Book of adventures, etc. I have
>> the 'Rainbow OS-9 books' already scanned and PDFed for the OS9/CoCo
>> archive I and a few others have been working on. I don't have the other
>> books otherwise I would have done them already. BTW, Great Job getting
>> Lonnie to license the Rainbow!
>> Also, a suggestion. Once things get rolling, perhaps put a section on
>> Coco3.com (or somewhere approriate) listing who's doing what, what needs
>> to get done, etc. That way it might make it easier for people to find
>> some way to help. Just a thought. I'll be willing to help out as well
>> with whatever limited equipment I have.
>> Dean

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