[Coco] yellowing of newsprint issues

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Fri Jun 10 00:30:28 EDT 2005


Excellent!!  I am looking forward to seeing what you are working on!  Does
this mean you have offically volunteered to do the grunt work on the
newsprint issues??  ;)

I have been spending the evening with my scanner attempting to produce
several test scans and PDFs for a side by side comparison.  I even went so
far as to create a PDF that has a page each of a 300ppi/24 bit color scan
of a page with color elements, and a 600ppi/2bit scan of a pure black and
white page.  Both pages look good when viewed individually, but the
consistancy is a bit wonky when viewed one after another in a multipage

I plan on publishing my results and opinions to my web page this weekend
when I have done enough tests and scans to satisfy myself that I have been
fairly thorough.  I am heavily leaning towards a scan standard of
300ppi/24bit for the glossy editions.  I think consistancy is important
and the idea of picking certain pages to scan in one way, while other
pages are scanned in another way will not only add extra work for the
scanners but also generate a product that is inconsistant from one page to
the next.  The source images will be compressed down when transferred to
PDF format and we will be best served with starting out at the highest
quility that makes sense.  I would prefer 600ppi/24bit for source scans
but I think that is asking for too much.


Michael Harwood

> I think I have a fix.  I'm working right now on V12 #10, the final
> issue.  If I scan (Photoshop) at 300, B&W, the yellow disappears.  Then
> I scan the color sections separately.  Next, I feed the half pages into
> GraphicConverter, convert the B&W pages into 32 bit color, lasso the
> color images I need, and stitch them into the B&W sections.  It's
> really looking good.  As soon as I finish this, I'll .pdf the .tiffed
> pages using Acrobat, and scoot the whole final issue (.pdf) over to
> Michael for his critique.
> Since there are relatively few of these 11-3/8 x 15 newsprint issues, a
> grunt job like this won't take forever.  The older, glossy issues can
> be scanned straight in as either color or B&W; no monkeying with the
> size of the page or the mixing of colors.

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