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when this is complete what would be the cost to get a copy and would it be a
download or a copy of the DVD mailed to address given my guess is it would
take more than one DVD to get all of the issues on

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> Same for me, I would love to get the magazines that I'm missing through a
> cd/dvd set. Although, I'm not too fond of the idea of destroying the ones
> I've got.  I have most of the last years (news paper format).  I've got 4
> years of Rainbow on Disk that I could scan into dsk files, they could be
> offered on the DVD...
> --
> Ben
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> This Rainbow deal sounds great - I would be willing to help in some way, I
> have quite a few rainbows and would be happy to help alittle financially
> well.
> Regards,
> Rick

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