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Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Wed Jun 8 14:50:20 EDT 2005

I have a scanner with a document feeder, but I have found the quality to
be much less when using it.  You can count me in as one of the scanner
grunts.    I am also happy to donate magazines.

I have a few other questions for Lonnie, and I thought perhaps you guys
might have a few of your own.  I would be happy to include any of your
questions in my next missive to him so that he is not deluded with hordes
of email.  I'm sure my list of questions are not exhaustive...  ;)

1.  If a particular format is decided upon initially (PDF without OCR'd
text) and upgrade the quality of the documents at a later time (PDF with
OCR'd text and a searchable index) will there be any issues with providing
free upgrades (free meaning no extra license fees paid to Lonnie) to
persons who have already purchased the orginal product?

2. If someone wants to purchase two copies do they have to pay the license
fees twice?  I assume the answer to this is yes.

3. I assume that the persons doing the work are not exempt from the
licensing costs.  Just because I am scanning and doing work on the product
does not entitle me to my own free collection.

4.  If a person owns a physical copy of Rainbow does this entitle them to
make a "backup" of the magazine under the auspices of "fair use"?  I
assume not.

5. Does the $.25 per issue also include the "Rainbow on Disk" for that
issue, or is that an additional cost?

Michael Harwood

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On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 09:12 -0600, Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
> Here is the latest communication thread regarding what I would like to
unofficially dub "Rainbow on Disc".  I think that Lonnie's terms are
extremely fair.  At $.25 per issue the entire Rainbow archive of 144
issues could be had for $36 plus shipping and media costs.  Are there any
thoughts regarding the costs or what Lonnie has proposed?

I think someone is going to have to take responsibility for the
administration portion of this. Quarterly reports to Lonnie, collection of
money, the check, etc. It's an expense and would have to be covered in
some way by the final price for the CD. Glenside was suggested. Perhaps
Cloud-9 is another possibility? Accounting sucks but someone has to do it.

As Lonnie suggests, we should just produce a complete collection CD, not
individual issues.

Other than that it seems the list of conditions is completely workable.

> I think we should start a discussion regarding the actual work and the
practical details involved.  Boisy has some good questions regarding
standards and consistency.

I'd take a fairly loose approach. I think everyone that wants to donate
copies goes into a big list with all the issues they own. Hopefully there
is a lot of overlap. We need a list of people with scanners w/ document
feeders that are willing to do the work. Hopefully each of these people
have access to a printshop that can safely remove the binding from the
copies that they will scan.

Then each person donating a copy or copies can mail them directly to the
individuals doing the scanning. They cut, scan and upload to a central
website where they are reviewed and cleaned up. Then we can use a
command line tool to make magazines out of them, OCR or whatever.

BTW Michael, great job getting the ball rolling.

-- John.

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