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You will be in my prayers and heal, then return when you are ready. 
Some of will be here to welcome you back.


On 2 Jun 2005 at 8:53, James Dessart wrote:

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> I can't say I'm surprise by your reaction. In fact, I was pretty much
> expecting it.
> On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, Boisy G. Pitre wrote:
> > You cannot be serious.  What is the source of your programming
> > burn-out? It cannot be due to CoCo programming, because from my
> > count, you've never finished one project that you've started.  You
> > committed to working on the sdcc C compiler back-end, but haven't
> > even finished that, or your other high-profile projects, like your
> > ethernet card.
> >
> > I'm sounding harsh here, but frankly, I don't see how you can be a
> > part of several high profile projects and just skip and run out for
> > "the next couple of years" without being called on it.  Then, to be
> > frankly honest, I don't see much work for the talk that you've been
> > doing.
> Call me on it all you want. It's not CoCo projects that did it, it's
> my job. My CoCo projects have been affected by that burn out for some
> time.
> The entire story is that I suffer from chronic, clinical depression.
> The first 6 months of 2004 I was out of work because of it. I couldn't
> concentrate on anything, not even reading comic books. I take my
> health very seriously, and I'm being proactive this time, instead of
> letting myself get too far down the road of not being able to work.
> Just to be clear, I'm going to be cutting out most things that require
> concentration. Almost all of my hobbies fit into that category. So as
> for "skipping out," it may indeed seem like that. The truth is, I'd
> rather not, but if I don't get some mental rest soon, my next episode
> could be my last, for all the wrong reasons.
> James
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