[Coco] Rainbow Books and other newsletters

Malcom Ramey grumpyx at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 20:00:51 EDT 2005

While you guys are talking to Lonnie you might also mention the books
like the Rainbow Guides to OS9, Basic09 and the adventure series.
These too would be great to have scanned and on the CD/DVD's. I have
"The Complete Rainbow Guide to OS-9 Level II Vol I" Scanned (almost
300 Pages, 14MB).

While we are on the subject of scanning, I have been scanning
Newsletters, Ad's and other printed material as I get them. Normally I
only have a few issues of each but I found them interesting and worth
preserving. If the group knows if it's ok to share any of these I
would be glad to upload some of them to a web site deemed appropriate.

Some examples C.C.O.G (Color Computer Owners Group), Adventure
Survivors, CoCo~123 (Glenside), MOTD, and more not yet scanned.


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