[Coco] Re: Coco Digest, Vol 22, Issue 106

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Wed Jul 20 22:09:37 EDT 2005

Considering this story it would seem that he would not welcome contact
from the Coco world, much less a request to release his books for
electronic archival without recompense.  I think I will stop my pursuit of
his contact info and just enjoy the books I have.

Michael Harwood

> I remember there was a book (I think!) that he advertised then never sent
> to a lot of people. IIRC he was upset/disgusted/whatever because of low
> number of orders (compared to earlier titles) or something like that, and
> he just didn't deliver and didn't return any money, stating he'd used more
> than he got in advertising, research, or something. I really don't recall
> that clearly, and I don't have a copy of TLW lying around. I have a couple
> packed up, of course!
> He had got a lot from the CoCo community, but took it like we owed him
> more. So he just said "the heck with you guys" and went on to other things
> in the PC world where he could make more an be more appreciated. Egos --
> some people have really big ones! I knew a guy in the AMC car hobby world
> that was kind of the same way, but he eventually mellowed out and bowed
> out as gracefully as most would let him. Bill just slammed the door in the
> remaining CoCo loyalists face and left out the back door. So I lost
> $20-$25 on a book I didn't get -- it's nothing to want to strangle him
> over! But I do feel he owed the CoCo community much more than we ever owed
> him. Without our support he may have never got anywhere. I think this
> later bit is what upset a lot of people more than anything else -- they
> felt like they had been betrayed by a friend.
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