[Coco] RE: [Color Computer] PDF/DjVu

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Tue Jul 19 15:21:35 EDT 2005

Mr. Harwood sir,

	Would you kindly stop posting things twice! Send to one list or the 
other. Not both! Other more knowlegeable people can explain the 
ramifications of sending messages to each address. I would recommend 
posting to the maltedmedia list since the problem is at the yahoo end. 
Maybe missing out on some stuff will encourage them to find a solution.

Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
> You are definitely welcome on all counts!  I am glad to have found a group
> of people still interested in the Coco, and I plan to be around for as long
> as I have breath in my body.  I have a few Coco projects I wanted to start
> that took a back seat once the Rainbow archival project got started, and
> eventually I will get back on track and get my repacked Coco machine bought
> and built.  I really miss having a Coco and my wife promised to let me add
> two more computers to the collection as long as I don't need any more room.
> I may have to relinquish one or two of my other machines to make room, but
> that's ok.
> ;)
> Regards,
> Michael Harwood

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