[Coco] Rainbow project question.

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger at pobox.com
Mon Jul 18 22:37:13 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 19:20 -0700, Jim Cox wrote:
> I'm sorry if this has already been asked or addressed 
> previously, but I just have not had the time to go through 
> all the email on this project, but from what I have seen, 
> it reads like the Rainbow archives will be placed on DVD 
> instead of CD.

Yes, DVD is my understanding too. 

However, if such a hypothetical person has a buddy with a DVD drive and
cd burner it gives you an excuse to go and hang out, drink their beer
and burn a whole lot of CDs. That's a lot of CDs... probably this
hypothetical person should buy the beer.

Or you could take one of those portable USB hard drives or an IPod and
copy all the files to it, and then come home and transfer them to your
harddrive. Mount the pretty DVD in a frame or bury it in a time capsule
in the yard, and you're done.

Or could go to pricewatch.com since they have internal DVD-ROM readers
for $18-$28 with shipping included.

-- John.

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