[Coco] Re: wondering about 68k machines

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Sun Jul 10 16:56:01 EDT 2005

>  with regard to peripheral access. The 6809 and 68K use different state
>  machines. >>
>        What was the purpose of that tho?   Is there some advantage to
> this configuration?     Why didn't they just extend the buses and
> clock speed of the 6809 and maybe even give it a 6809 compatiblity
> mode sorta like Intel did for the 8086 in later 80x86  cpu's?    Wouldn't
> that have been sweet?  :))

AFAIK the 6809 and the 68K where developed at the same time and planned
to be a (68K) server and (6809) clients setup.


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