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The scans are so small using "line art" mode because you are correct -- it's true monochrome. The scanner only looks for white and black -- nothing between. Color and grey scale images have LOTS more information to store, and are therefore much larger. Line art mode at a higher dpi (say 150-200) would probably be great for OCR, but photos wouldn't come through at all -- they would be on big dark spot with a few light spots. 

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> Hi,
> 	This is off topic but kinda inspired by the Rainbow archive project. I 
> recently picked up a Lacie Silverscanner II off eBay. This thing has 
> separate red, green, and blue lamps. Is this common?
> 	I've been playing with scanning the June 91 issue. Scans at 100 dpi (or 
> ppi or lpi ... I don'k know) and line art mode (monochrome?) are 
> readable. OCR would require some REALLY good software. PNG files of 
> these black and white text pages are about 55k. For some of the pages 
> that are not black and white I've tried 8-bit color and 8 and 4 bit 
> grayscale. The 8-bit grayscale mode, in particular, seems to encourage 
> the scanner to magnify imperfections on the pages. This produces rather 
> large files. Some with PNGs approaching 1M.
> 					kevin

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