[Coco] Trouble with nitros9

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Sun Jul 3 21:50:19 EDT 2005

A while ago I got a superide interface along with a CF card from Cloud 9.
At the time I bought it Mark was nice enough to load hdb dos and nitros9 on
the cf card along with a script to allow me to choose with OS I wanted to
boot into.

Unfortunatly a few weeks ago I managed to muck up the nitros9 installation to
the point were it wouldn't boot anymore. Since I figured I'd need a floppy
drive to do anything about it I put the machine and card away and waited for
the drive I bought on ebay to arrive. That happened friday and saturday I decided
that I would see what I could do to reinstall or fix the installation on the card so
that it would boot. All the data I was interested in keeping had already been
stored on a ls-120 disk so there's no need to save anything on the card.

The way it was originally installed the 256meg cf card was partitioned with half
being allocated for hdb-dos and 256 virtual disks and the second half was formated
for nitros9. Loading nitros9 was done by means of a specially configured "disk 255".

Although I had a gut feeling that I should leave the virtual hdb-dos 255 alone I cleared
it with a dskinit. My problem now is creating a "boot floppy" to backup into disk 255
so that I can boot nitros9. I tried following the instructions included with the documentaion
but had no luck. Has anyone been able to do what I'm trying to accomplish? The instructions
on how to do this seems to be geared for people with a lot more knowledge about all of
this then I have. I seem to be missing a handfull of steps. :-(


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