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Yes the IRQ service rou tines can get goofed up if tou alter the DP 
register. What will happen is in the ISR,  should it use an instruction 
that is a direct address mode instruction, LDA opcode 96,  you will 
have a problem.


The ISR somewhere in its code decides to load avariable that 
RSDOS expects to be in address $0024. Lets say you changed the 
DP register to $FE. When the ISR does an LDA $24 in direct 
address mode, the ISR is expecting the DP register to have $00 
stored in it. If it is still $FE from your code then instead of loadig 
avariable at $0024, it will load from address $FE24.

What you will have to do in your program is redirect the ISR for IRQ 
and FIRQ and NMI to your own program. In the beginning of the 
ISR you will have to restore the DP to what the ISR expects to have 
in the DP register and then jump to the ISR in basic code.  

What you have to do is revector the ISRs so that you can restore 
the DP to its correct value before the ISR executes. That is if the 
ISR used direct addressing mode on any one instruction. If they do 
not then there is no problem. 


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> Kevin,
> Check out the Unravelled Series, it will answer both of your
> questions. 
>   I am not sure if you can change the DP and not restore it in an M/L
> routine, but the code is probably not written to use the DP.  I could
> be wrong.
> If there's any free space in the DP area of BASIC, the Unravelled
> Series will tell you that too.
> Good luck!
> On Apr 18, 2005, at 11:26 PM, Kevin Diggs wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > 	I know this is going to shock you Boisy, but I have a CoCo
> > question. Is there any space in the direct page under ROM Basic (the
> > various varieties)? Also can you change the DP in your ML routines
> > under  ROM Basic. Put another way will the interrupts go haywire if
> > you change it? I am pretty sure you have to put it back before
> > returning to Basic.
> >
> > 					kevin
> >
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