[Coco] New and fresh ideas for next years CoCoFest

Nickolas Marentes NickM at qm.qld.gov.au
Tue Apr 19 01:18:35 EDT 2005

> Even though Radio Shack is almost totally out of the computer  business.
> then, IBM is out of the PC business!
> - Mike Knudsen

I agree. Still, we need to start somewhere and they are the obvious first
step. You never know, they may surprise us.  :)

Even some sort of cash donation (read: tax dodge money) would be a help.

> In my days at the GCCC, we got Steve Bjork, and Dennis, and I forget who  
> else.  So yes it can be done, and is worth trying.  If Kevin Darling
could be 
> resurrected...
> - Mike Knudsen

Depending on the location, I know we stand a good chance of getting Steve
Bjork and Marty Goodman as special guests. It's a matter of e-mailing out to
as meny "CoCo Illuminaries" we can think of. Some have got to come back with
a yes. That's what I did for PennFest 2000 and got Kevin Darling, Mark
Hawkins and Jeremy Spiller.

My idea of extending out to other vintage Radio Shack computer users is a
way to enlarge the size of the fest. I believe it would be interesting to
see what these other groups have been doing. It would present various new
ideas while still keeping to the common theme of "Vintage Radio Shack".

Location would be important. I personally feel that the Chicago area is the
best location but we would need to have a vote/survey to determine this.

The CoCo contigent would most likely take up the largest part. If we start
planning early, we could get various groups of individuals to work on
specific components of the show. For example, one group could be in charge
of re-creating the CoCoCat costume, another is in charge of the chat and web
cam service, etc.

This makes the fest a community effort. The more we all input, the more we
all get out of it.

We could start collecting donations/sponsorship from early on so that we
have the funds to accomplish everything.

Nickolas Marentes

To see my Pennfest 2000 report...

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