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Mon Apr 18 16:36:30 EDT 2005

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I agree with you Boisy. The hotel and rooms were GREAT. A class act all the 
way. Great JOB Glenside!

>I'm writing this from the library on campus, having gotten little sleep 
>after returning home from the airport last night at 11:30PM.  These are 
>just snippets of random thoughts, rather than a complete, concise review 
>of the fest.
>- The hotel was very nice.  Rooms were great and the fest floor and 
>surrounding area were excellent.  I'm really glad that Glenside decided to 
>do this fest at this location.
>- Wireless Internet access was available by the hotel.  In my opinion, 
>this was a VERY nice perk, and a departure from past fests that didn't 
>have it.  Signal was very strong on the fest floor.
>- The webcam, made possible by the Internet access, was a nice touch, as 
>was Roger's chat room.  Though I have to admit, I couldn't stay on for 
>long stretches at a time, because we were very busy.
>- Interest in Cloud-9's products was high, as was interest in the SuperBoard.
>- The CoCo BASH! that Cloud-9 held up in the suite on Saturday night was a 
>raging success.  Everyone who attended had a great time, and I'm sure that 
>we will do it again next year.
>- It was good to see folks like John Linville, the Poitrases, Joe Buecher, 
>William Astle, Wally Grossman, Allen Huffman, Dave Kelly, James & Billie 
>Jones, Bro Jeremy, the guys from GCCC, and others whose name I cannot 
>recall.  As usual, I had fun catching up on what everyone was doing.
>- Chris Hawks has committed to writing a CDF file manager for 
>NitrOS-9.  This will be a great addition to the operating system, allowing 
>ISO9660 CD-ROMs to be read on the CoCo at last!
>In short: a great time!
>Boisy G. Pitre
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