[Coco] Enjoy the Fest -- will be there in spirit

hluckey007 at comcast.net hluckey007 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 16 09:45:45 EDT 2005

Thanks for the sentiment. I wish you were here in person.

Howard Luckey

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> Here's wishing everyone a good and productive time at the 20th Anniversary 
> Coco Fest (or is it 25th?). And hello to all my old CocoNut buddies at GCCC. 
> I'll be spending the weekend in Mass. at a workshop for Concertina players, 
> to improve my skills. A concertina is to an accordion what a Coco is to an 
> Atari ST or Amiga -- smaller, leaner, meaner, gets even less respect ;-) 
> Sorry I didn't send off the box of old Coco items for the GCCC. Last-minute 
> complications with the income tax, performing in a musical variety show, 
> etc. Next year for sure I'll get the stuff there for the no-min-bid auction, 
> or 
> whatever the Club deems best. 
> Have a great Fest -- Mike Knudsen 
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