[Coco] [Color Computer] Holy Mods Batman!

James Diffendaffer jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 16:45:05 EDT 2005

My COCO magazines are from 1982-1985 but many are missing since my
brother borrowed them and they went up in a tornado.
I have several Color Computer News, Rainbow, HOT COCO and might even
have some 68 Micro Journal.  My mom bought me subscriptions to all of
these at one time or another.  Many of mine are missing the cover or
are a bit tattered though.

I remember HOT COCO going under and Color Computer News... well... it
kinda turned in to a FLEX this and FLEX that magazine and I stopped
subscribing or it went under... not sure which.  I think I only have
one year of 68 Micro... just not enough COCO stuff in it I could use.

I have access to a couple scanners (one is mine but it's on loan to my
brother... will I ever learn?).
Make sure you scan at 300 DPI so OCR software can be used on the
program listings.  I had to bypass the auto conversion that the HP
software was doing and train the OCR software myself to get decent
results.  I still have to fix a lot of stuff but it beats typing it
all by hand.

I'm also scanning some old 6502, Z80, etc... books.

--- In ColorComputer at yahoogroups.com, "Glen VanDenBiggelaar"
<glenvdb at h...> wrote:
> You right James,
> I am in the process of getting a new scanner (i killed my old one)
and I 
> will be scanning the last 2 years (thats all I have now) of rainbow
and they 
> will be up on my website in PDF.
> I think ther is a goldmine opertunity for the rights holder (if any) of 
> those old publications to ether re-print the magazines in a book
form or on 
> CD in PDF form. I just got my first taste of the Rainbow (never saw
them in 
> the 80's or 90's here in Canada), and even though they are literaly
> apart, they hold a wealth of information- and its cool to see all
the old 
> Ads. The only bad thing is that last year of the Rainbow were
printed in a 
> "newspaper" form which when scanned, looks rather bad.
> I have the first, second, third and fourth Rainbow book of
adventures that 
> will be up on my online store right away, although the first was just a 
> magazine, and it is falling apart. I guess the previous owner used
them too 
> well, or just never took care of them.
> -Glen
> >
> >I've seen most of those in Rainbow magazine or other COCO magazines.
> >I think it would be a good idea everyone started scanning in their
> >COCO magazines and books so they could be made available on a website
> >or CD.  I still have a quite a few magazines and The 3rd Rainbow Book
> >of Adventures I could scan but not all are in the best condition.

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