[Coco] Re: Converter update

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Fri Apr 8 06:12:59 EDT 2005

>      I pondered over various options like a micro controller.    I also
> had the option of using a programmable PLL instead of making
> one of discrete components.     My number one goal was make
> a converter for the coco3 exclusively and to make it at a minimum
> cost.   I used the coco3 to program the converter because I wanted
> to avoid the additional cost of the microcontroller.     I would prefer
> to use a pal because it would require less PC board area and
> be cheaper than a microcontroller.

I understand the goal is to make it as cheap and simple as possible and 
"just CoCo". Using the MC might make it cheaper because of reduced 
development costs (imagine you have to change the PCB several times 
because a re-design becomes necessary).

Just my 0.02$.

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