[Coco] Re: Using Disk EDTASM

David golgotha at toughguy.net
Thu Apr 7 19:28:30 EDT 2005

Robert Emery wrote:

>>I dont suppose you remember anything such as:
>>1) Setting the video mode on the Coco3 in assembly to the equivalent of 
>>2) setting a single pixel on said screen aka HSET(x,y,c)
>>3) reading from a joystick using asm
>For the first two, I'd recommend you visit Robert Gault's website and download
>his SYMMETRY program, which has source code you can study.
>For #3, search RTSI for HIRES.ZIP(I think) which has code to read the Tandy
>Hi-Res joystick driver.
>Also, consult the Unravelled series for details on how *everything* CoCo works.
Thanks, Bob

I've had a look at Symmetry, and I can half-understand the 
pixel-plotting routine there, so I think I could extrapolate and make 
use of it

As for #1 (setting the mode) Robert Gault's Symmetry program makes BASIC 
do the work with a HSCREEN 2, so I'm none the wiser.

Ahh well.. at least I can set a pixel now, eh?

Might be enough for what I've got planned.. perhaps a BASIC loader would 
simply a number of things :)

We'll see.. we'll see.... :P


PS. Dont let that stop anyone from posting code to set HSCREEN 2 and 
back to text mode, btw ;)


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