[Coco] Re: Using Disk EDTASM

David golgotha at toughguy.net
Thu Apr 7 10:29:06 EDT 2005

Torsten Dittel wrote:

>> As a side note, one of the few things I remember about my early 
>> attempts to
>> learn ML is when you have an ORG, you should assemble with the AO 
>> option. I
>> don't remember the exact command but I remember "Assemble, In Memory, 
>> Absolute
>> Origin".
> And of course you can have several ORGs in one source file. When you 
> load the binary with "LOADM", every part of the programm is loaded 
> into its corresponding part of memory space. I made programs that way 
> which displayed a title screen (using ASCII block graphics) while 
> loading the rest of the program because the first ORG was to $400 
> (wasn't that the DECB text screen address?!?) followed by an empty 
> space (RMB) for 32x16 characters. I filled it later with graphics 
> using a file based disk editor I wrote). Another gimmick was to bend 
> some of the RAM hooks to make the files autostart.
> Hope to have a real system setup again soon. I guess I have to start 
> again with all this stuff after more then 15 years without using it... 
> :-)
> Torsten
I dont suppose you remember anything such as:

1) Setting the video mode on the Coco3 in assembly to the equivalent of 

2) setting a single pixel on said screen aka HSET(x,y,c)

3) reading from a joystick using asm

If anyone can help me out with these snippets, it would be wonderful :)

I've asked previously and been referred to a coco3 memory map, but that 
just confused me more!


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