[Coco] Re: Using Disk EDTASM

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Thu Apr 7 08:34:51 EDT 2005

> As a side note, one of the few things I remember about my early attempts to
> learn ML is when you have an ORG, you should assemble with the AO option. I
> don't remember the exact command but I remember "Assemble, In Memory, Absolute
> Origin".

And of course you can have several ORGs in one source file. When you 
load the binary with "LOADM", every part of the programm is loaded into 
its corresponding part of memory space. I made programs that way which 
displayed a title screen (using ASCII block graphics) while loading the 
rest of the program because the first ORG was to $400 (wasn't that the 
DECB text screen address?!?) followed by an empty space (RMB) for 32x16 
characters. I filled it later with graphics using a file based disk 
editor I wrote). Another gimmick was to bend some of the RAM hooks to 
make the files autostart.

Hope to have a real system setup again soon. I guess I have to start 
again with all this stuff after more then 15 years without using it... :-)


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