[Coco] UUCP on the coco....

George Ramsower yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com
Mon Apr 4 18:11:08 EDT 2005

I have UUCP for OS-9 in my main Coco3. I haven't a clue how to use it, but
I'm game if someone can help me get UUCP up and running and some idea how it

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> All,
>   UUCP/mail is a topic that periodically popps up on this list.  I have an
> interesting quirk with my phone plan that might help.  My phone plan sort
> of works like a cell plan (call anywhere in the US for free, up to a
> certain number of minutes). I regularly have 200+ minutes to spare, and am
> running linux.  I wouldn't mind polling within the US to fetch/distribute
> mail up to the extent where I use those minutes up.
>   I would be willing to work with anyone running UUCP in the US to poll
> their system -- probably at a particular time or times of day (sort of
> like the Fidonet mail hour) to pick up and distribute mail to other nodes.
> (provided I can get UUCP properly working again -- I've intalled a newer
> linux and didn't set it up yet).
>   Currently, I get hosed on international calls..  We'll work on that one
> if this has any interest.
>   Is anyone else interested in this type of thing?
>                        - Aaron
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