[Coco] emulator speeds(was "Parts is parts")

Bruce W. Calkins brucecalkins at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 2 07:15:47 EST 2005

I have used the 1.2 Meg drive to make SSDD disks for my CoCo, Using the JV
emulator with the Collier(sp?) DSKINI.

Step One; Bulk erase the transfer disk.
Step Two; DSKINI to the clean transfer disk.
Step Three; In the CoCo, BACKUP the transfer disk to a disk formatted on the
Repeat as necessary.

The transfer disk can be reused without bulk erasing until you write to it
with the CoCo or any other DD drive.

Logic;  The R/W head in the HD drive is narrow.  When it writes to a disk
written by a DD drive it can not fully rewrite the DD track, resulting in
corrupted data.  A CLEAN disk written on a HD drive can be read on a DD
drive.  However it occasionally lacks the strength to hold it's data over

This has worked well for me.  One problem I have encountered is, Some DSK
files I have downloaded seem to be corrupt.  These need to be copied file by
file within the emulator and the new DSK result can then be DSKINIed to a
floppy as above.

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