[Coco] 2006 CoCoFest Survey - A reply to Tony Podraza

Nickolas Marentes nick at launch.net.au
Thu Apr 28 19:30:38 EDT 2005

>> As far as location and date goes, we are about to lock
>> in the location (same) and the date (late April, not
>> middle) or middle May (which is already doubtful due to
>> the Hotel's prior commitments, a year in advance, already.
>> Good locations are booked a LONG time in advance).
>> But, please, don't let that stop your submissions.  All
>> comments and preferences can be used for future events.

Thanks Tony. I'll be posting the feedback up in a week on a web page.

At this stage, as far as the preferred location and date are concerned, it
looks like the current settings are the most preferred.

I suspected that Chicago would be the best location due to the CoCo users
location map found on Roger's site. It clearly indicates that most current
CoCo users are located in the north/eastern part of the USA. Chicago
certainly looks to be the best location and the date is fine.

This should quell those who keep asking why it can't be held on the west
coast I hope.

The rest of the info will be up on a web site in about a week as I get more
feedback (So far 9).


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