[Coco] Re: Is this a 6309?

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Sun Apr 24 09:02:28 EDT 2005

Sorry George! What you have is a genuine Motorola 68B09E -- not a "clone". The B is just the speed rating (2MHz). A 68A09 is 1.5MHz, 6809 1 MHz. The 6309 says just that -- 63B09E (and I think there was a "C" 3MHz part as well). 

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>  I asked ... "Is this the one that will work with Nitros9?"
>  In my head(Can't you read my mind?) I was asking..
>  "Is this the enhanced version from Hitachi or is it a true clone of the
> 6809 from mtrla?"
>  I put this chip on this CC3 board several years ago(before we knew about
> the 6309 enhancements).
>  I have enough of these CPUs  to do all my cocos. If they are truly the
> enhanced version from Hitachi, I will replace the mtrla chips as time
> passes, and upgrade to Nitros9 on each one..... as soon as I figure out how
> to do that.
> George

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