[Coco] NitrOS9 file in PC to real coco disk

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Thu Apr 7 00:22:55 EDT 2005

Hi everybody
I have the Basic09 file in my PC that I downloaded I think from RTS.
But my usual method to transfer it to a real CoCo disk  is not working
I've tried creating a DSK file either from MESS or PORT.EXE.
Then, transfer the Basic file to the DSK image using PORT, as an 
executable/binary file.
Then I boot NitrOS9 in MESS, and try to read the disk, but doesn't work, 
even if the DSK was formated in MESS/NitrOS9 before the transfer.
BTW, the format sends me a lot of errors, but the final report seems to 
be fine.

Any ideas?


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