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The mainboard pricing has not been established yet but are getting very
close. The pricing for the following options have been established. We
will be doing this on Sat. eve. at our CoCoBASH! in our hotel suite.

IDE primary
IDE secondary
PS/2 keyboard and mouse

Many of the components for the above options have already been
ordered.These are add on options beyond the main baseline board.

The baseline target we are shooting for is $150 USD. That will include
the following.

Bi-directional parallel port
Dual 16550 Serial FIFOs
Two megs of memory

The Ethernet option will be addressed AFTER all of these are completed.

Thank you for your interested. This is a HUGE project and we are so
close to the finishing line. People will get to see how large it is on
Sat. evening. of the CoCoFEST! We are going to have some VERY
interesting designs in full detail available in our room.

I'm going to copy this to the list beacuse I'm sure others would like to
know as well.



Quoting Basil Fitze <basilf at telus.net>:

> Hello Mark,
> Sorry didn't know the procedure I can wait if need be.  Do you have a
> target price set. I am asssuming around $200.00+.
> I can wait a year if need be.
> --
> Basil Fitze
> basilf at telus.net
> My website: http://bcomco.net
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