[Coco] Re: The typical CoCo user is aged...?!?

Alex Evans alxevans at concentric.net
Fri Apr 1 16:43:39 EST 2005

On Mar 28, 2005, at 7:35 AM, Torsten Dittel wrote:

> Actually every bar represents a CoCo user, the heigth of the bar his 
> age. They are sorted from left to right, starting with the youngest 
> user, ending with the oldest
> Since almost every age is kind of unique so far (besides a small 
> gaggle of 34-agers like me ;-)) it's quite difficult to come up with a 
> distribution: if I make the X axis guessable and label it "Age" from 0 
> to 70 and the Y axis (or the heigth of the bars) would represent the 
> number of candidates, you would see a nice binary noise (between 0 and 
> 1) and a humble peak at age 34... :-)

Typically when you are trying to show a distribution with the points 
seperated like that one broadens either the points or the boxes.

I'm 37.

Theodore (Alex) Evans | 2B v ~2B = ?

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