[Coco] "Parts is parts"

billg cwgordon at charter.net
Fri Apr 1 00:49:34 EST 2005

Yeah, and to use one of my motherboards, you'd still need a case, etc.
Sorry I couldn't be any help.

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>Well, this is the "status report"
>I was going to send her a Dell P-200/64MB/4Gb I've got. I know 
>it's not a big deal, but is usable. Has decent sound, network, 
>video and USB on board.
>The only updates the Dell will take are a 233 Mhz CPU, a bigger  (or
>second) HD, or EDO RAM in 168 pins DIMMs I do have a better 
>motherboard, but I don't have case for it. It will take a 
>socket 7 CPU up to 500 Mhz, and needs an ATX case with the 
>holes for PS/2, USB, serial, parallel and audio. I can give 
>128 Mb RAM for that one.
>If anybody can help, just email me.
>Worst case? She'll get the Dell in a couple of weeks...

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