[Coco] GCC for the 6809

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Mon Nov 22 14:32:59 EST 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, John R. Hogerhuis wrote:

> Thanks for your work to get it to where it is now.

You're all welcome! :)

> I'd take up your project but
> a) I haven't written a code generator since college, and then it was for
> a stack machine type CPU.

I've never actually written a code generator. One of the big problems with
me continuing the project, really.

It may be easier with the new gcc structures introduced with gcc 3.4 or
3.5, but I don't know enough to be able to say.

> b) Already have too many projects.

Don't we all? :)

> I hope someone picks this project up, it is probably the most
> important Coco software project around, since a solid modern C
> compiler will make porting a lot of Free software possible.

Definitely the big reason I was working on it. My original target was uIP,
because I wanted to get an ethernet adaptor going. This was originally to
make a CoCo BBS internet capable, but I realized that BBS resurrection
schemes end up as misguided nostalgia. The BBS, as a living a breathing
entity, has left the realm of the dialup BBSes, and transformed into an
entirely different beast.


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