[Coco] Monitor for the CoCo

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Thu Nov 18 23:03:44 EST 2004

I've been using a Commodore 1802 monitor for several years now for assorted 
viewing, and I just got a new kick...

Here's what was interesting to me, since I am not an expert on the Y/x/x 

I just hooked a new DVD player to the monitor, but not via the normal 
composite line.  Instead, I tried using the 3-channel video output called 
YPbPr.  So I used a 3-line cable and ran it to my monitor's inputs called 

Did it work?  Yes.  But only when I set the DVD player to S-VIDEO instead 
of YPbPr.  The picture color and quality is excellent.  Now, if I switch 
the player to YPbPr, the video on the monitor turns to black/white only.

I'm not sure at all if any other DVD players or devices have this same mode 
to switch the format coming out of the Y/Pb/Pr jacks, since it does in fact 
say, Y/Pb/Pr, and nothing else, and there is a separate S-VIDEO jack.

At 08:16 PM 11/18/2004, you wrote:
>Personally I'd go for one of the commodore 1084 series. That does analog 
>RGB, and composite video as well.
>I believe it is good enough (just) to do 80 columns on com video, but then 
>you won't need it, will you, since it does RGB.
>Regards, Bob Devries. Dalby, Queensland, Australia.
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>>I'm going to buy a monitor for my CoCo3.
>>I was thinking about getting a CM-8, but that won't work with my CoCo2, 
>>nor give me artifacting.
>>I found a lot of monitors that will work with composite on e-bay. But 
>>still have a few doubts.
>>Will I be able to get a readable 80 column display in any? Any model 
>>known to work better or worst than most?
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