[Coco] Monitor for the CoCo

Bob Devries bdevries at gil.com.au
Thu Nov 18 21:16:02 EST 2004

Personally I'd go for one of the commodore 1084 series. That does analog 
RGB, and composite video as well.

I believe it is good enough (just) to do 80 columns on com video, but then 
you won't need it, will you, since it does RGB.
Regards, Bob Devries. Dalby, Queensland, Australia.
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> I'm going to buy a monitor for my CoCo3.
> I was thinking about getting a CM-8, but that won't work with my CoCo2, 
> nor give me artifacting.
> I found a lot of monitors that will work with composite on e-bay. But 
> still have a few doubts.
> Will I be able to get a readable 80 column display in any? Any model known 
> to work better or worst than most?
> Thanks,
> Diego
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