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Fri Nov 12 23:19:42 EST 2004

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rtaylor at bayou.com writes:

> I was Googlin' up a bunch of CoCo sites and just piddling around and I came 
> across Mary's blog entry mentioning us, whoever played a part in helping 
> her discover her deceased dad's old CoCo life by way of a bunch of old 
> dusty CoCo floppy disks.
> Mary started out looking at a bunch of useless floppy disks with nil hope, 
> but because she's like us and doesn't give up easily, in a year's time she 
> ended up with her wish coming true, thanks to our unique hospitality that 
> we've always possessed and even though we are from all parts of the world; 
> we all helped Mary get in touch with her dad.
> http://journals.aol.com/nuxie/MyTrs-80CoCojourney/entries/549
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Roger Taylor

(wipeing tears from eyes and checking my spell check........) dangit i love 
all you guys. i have come to know alot more of you guys since that journal 
entry and each one of you have been awesome! I hope that i get to meet more guys 
off this list ect. cause it has been a journey.....i seem to have noticed 
something among you fellas. and that is most of you believe strongly in god i 
always wondered about my dad.......but now that i see that almost all coco nuts are 
also strong believers in god then i can also reast assure that dad must have 
too........thanks again for your spirits and hey yall better hook up those old 
dusty coco's and get em out cause im going to have lots of questions lol!!!!
by the way i am 26 or 27 i cant remember i lost track lol i dont celebrate my 
birtday much anymore....:) This month is going to be a hard one for me cause 
on nov. 13 is when my grandmother found my father dead in his house......so im 
going to count on yall to hellp keep my spirits up.....so take care and i 
will see yall in chat room on coco3.com.


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